Book Review: Speed Reading by Stefan Anderson


Zy Marquiez
August 22, 2016

Speed reading is one of those vital skills that the educational system should provide given how many benefits are to be gleaned, but unfortunately doesn’t.  That said, this particular book serves as an excellent jump-off point for individuals to teach themselves.

This being my first foray into the realm of speed reading, this book faired quite well.

Speed Reading by Stefan Anderson does a solid foundational job of outlining many of the nuances that people should be mindful of when seeking to increase their reading speed.

Anderson details a variety of suggestions for increased speed which are easy to follow after some practice.  Some are easier than others, but they are explained rather straight forwardly and in a cogent manner.

Particularly of note, some of the reading techniques discussed include chunking, skim chunking, diagonal chunking, peripheral vision, as well as some quick tips.

Admittedly, some of the advice the author gives for the reader to keep in mind is common sense [i.e. lighting], but are things that can easily be overlooked in our fast-paced lives.

The author also makes it a point to dispel some of the myths of speeding reading, while also keeping in mind what to avoid to increase speed reading efficiency.

For me, personally, the book helped me be cognizant of focusing a lot more when reading, rather than just reading in a straight-forward type of way.  Reading-every-single-word-in-a-sentence will hold you back, and something that the book taught me was than when reading, particularly focusing with a pencil, marker, one ends up not only staying focused, but it’s more like scanning chunks of words – or ideas interlinked -rather than reading them individually.  This helped me increase my speed considerably, as well as some of the other techniques.

That being said, the book was a bit repetitive at parts.  Although that helps hammer through fundamental points, it should be cognizant of.

Anderson offers a wide-ranging toolset for the readers to consider.   Please keep in mind some techniques seem from cursory practice easier to employ than others, but am going to try every single one of them and see what increases my reading repertoire the best and most efficiently.

Speed reading is a short, concise, and understandable book.  Some of the techniques offered are already helping me immensely.  For entry level ‘speed readers’ it offers a variety of benefits that should definitely be pondered if one is interested in this subject.

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