300 Word Memories #6 – Convalescing

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Zy Marquiez
March 21, 2017

Sometimes, in life, you just need to slow down, pump the breaks.

Although I personally don’t do anything I would consider ‘fast’ paced, sometimes I get so caught up in getting things done [don’t we all?] that I forget to take moments for myself.  Over time, I have learned that these moments are integral to staying fresh and keeping a great outlook on life, and also in keeping perspective of yourself and everything around you.

With experience, this perspective has taught me quite a few things about life and myself.  Regarding my life, it’s always been a point for me not to waste time, as this post here hints, and in being as efficient as possible.  That idea is great, and it does have its benefits, it’s just that sometimes we get saw caught in the tide of today that we forget about the lessons of yesterday and about the possibilities of tomorrow.  How we all get to our present moments matter, and if an individual arrives at their present moment in a full ready state, then it not only feels like a lot is getting done, but they feel like the time was worth something.

If, on the other hand, it feels that the individual was  running around the rat wheel, depleting their energy without much aim or direction, then it can feel like a giant waste of time, or perhaps that a person is selling themselves short.  That is why is crucial of knowing yourself, your boundaries, how you operate, what makes you efficient, and what doesn’t.  These ideas should be front and center in introspection.

At the moment, the one thing that’s been lacking for me this last week or so is rest.   Not a whole lot of rest, but enough that it makes a difference.  When a person misses an hour or two of sleep for nigh a week straight, it’s time to take the next turn off on the road and book a hotel.

For me, it’s not that I haven’t been getting things done, it’s just that it feels that if I continue with just one more day of anything, without putting my health first, then, I stand to have my health spiral out of control.

That has taught me that whatever you do, on a personal basis just make sure that you’re working with a full tank a gas, mentally, physically, and even spiritually, and that you’re not ill-equipped to venture into the morrow without at least a full and ready version of yourself.

Another additional issue is that if you’re lacking ample rest, you can’t just usually get one day’s of sleep and be done with it.  You need to make sure to hit the refilling station regularly and do what you can before you really end up bottoming out and issues begin multiplying like rabbits.  The last thing anyone wants is to screw up simply because you were doing too much, or trying to hard.  Irony would surely be waiting to give a raised eyebrow at that one.

But when you’re rested and prepared, and your mind is clear, then anything is possible.

Each of us has a long journey ahead of us.  Might as well carry it out with the best version of yourself possible.  Because if not, how else are we going to live life to the fullest?

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